“The supreme Art of War is to subdue the enemy (within) without fighting”

Sun Tzu

Art Tearapy facilitates the discovery of insights and expression by combining the traditional art forms of the East and the evidence based therapeutic knowledge of the West, enabling one to take charge of their own mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

All our therapists have a Master in Art Therapy and are registered with ANZACATA

(Australia, New Zealand, Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association). Providing an innovative service in Individual Art Therapy, monthly creative group workshops and community access that specialise in supporting NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants in Melbourne. 



Word on the Street


During Yoga Therapy with Su Mei, I was able to experience, observe, and nourish physical sensations that showed up in any particular moment, in a non-invasive manner. I first came to her with tension in physical and emotional parts of myself, alienating me from my own body and limiting my enjoyment of life. 

Each session enabled me to respect the nature of my body’s distinct process while uncovering things beyond my own conscious understanding and connecting with them. Su Mei led me through combinations of different sequences targeting all 7 chakras in the body, and verbally discussed ‘blocked’ sensations that I felt. Some of the stretches released these energy blocks and I naturally progressed into deep meditative states. In my last session, I drifted very easily into Savasana (Corpse Pose) for no less than half an hour, and I formed a deep appreciation for the art of relaxation being in this state. It was blissful and rich in feelings of interconnectedness. Entering this state without any struggle made me realise that I need to practice more physical relaxation, and that I am capable of enjoying life much more than I thought. 

These valuable sessions under Su Mei’s guidance, served as a reminder that being connected to myself in an embodied way is crucial to my resilience as a person in my own healing.


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