Lead Art Therapist, Family Therapist, Yoga Therapist 
Bsc (Hons) Arch, BFA (Hons) Social Practice,
MA World Heritage, MA Art Therapy,
MA Clinical Family Therapy (current)

With a passion for the creative arts and helping others, Su Mei started life in the world of architecture which led to her co-founding a charity which brought third world countries building and design services. She realised that she enjoyed the time where she shared her passion of ART with the children. This led to a pursuit of a Masters in Art Therapy at La Trobe University, Melbourne and completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts Honours of Social Practice and Community Engagement at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne University and currently pursuing a Master in Clinical Family Therapy at the Bouverie Centre. She is currently working as a MST Psychiatric Family Therapist at MacKillop Family Services.

She has had experience as an Art Therapist in the clinical setting at Northpark Private Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She journeys with people who experience various forms of mental illness, intellectual, physical and various disabilities.  She is also a trained Yoga Alliance instructor who did her RYT 500 training at Brahmani Yoga, India and Yoga Therapy Training with the I AM Yoga, Amrit Yoga Institute. She has shared her love of yoga in many countries around the world.

Her goal is to use the power of creativity to empower those in need to find tools to help themselves.



Art Therapist

Kim is a registered Art Therapist working with Art Tearapy and a practicing Ceramic Artist. She has a Master of Art Therapy from La Trobe University and professional registration with ANZACATA. She has a great love of working with clay and drinking tea. With a background in education, Kim has an extensive knowledge and skill in the use of art materials with clients presenting with mental health diagnosis as well as children and adults who are on the Autism spectrum. She also has experience working creatively and interpersonally with the deaf blind community. She is passionate about addressing individual needs and goals of clients by providing a non-judgemental space for the exploration using various art media. 




Art Tearapy Placement Student 2022

Rasmi is currently completing a Bachelor of Community Services course at Stott’s College Melbourne. She is passionate about undertaking a challenging new opportunity where she can utilize her knowledge, with a solid commitment to sharing an environment that is team-oriented outcome-focused. Also, her main priority is to provide standard support for the client’s welfare, needs, and interest. Furthermore, she has started a small business that produces polymer clay earrings as she helped a girl in her home country afford her education.



Visual Artist
Art Tearapy Placement Student 2020

Poorva Bansal is currently undertaking a Visual Arts course at Australian National University, She has been exploring and refining the art of Indian block printing. She intends to start a Masters of Art Education in 2021.


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Transpersonal Art Therapist, Nutritionist, Health Coach
Art Tearapy Placement Student 2019

Janette is passionate about supporting women’s health, mental health, wellbeing and healing, and has worked across evidence-based natural medicine, food and nutrition, mental health and health.
With a holistic philosophy and approach Janette takes a broad view of wellbeing, considering all facets from the physical, psychological, social and spiritual.
Janette absolutely loves art therapy and is excited about the role it can play in health and healing.



Transpersonal Art Therapist
Art Tearapy Placement Student 2018

Nicky is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist who draws upon her diverse background in the arts, travel, gardening, Lomi Lomi body work, meditation, and movement to create spaces for self-encounter - to explore, connect, learn, grow and discover a capacity for healing, wholeness and transformation. She is the Creative Arts Business Manager at the Guild of Objects, drawing upon her business skills from her former career as a financial counsellor and her passion and experience as a Transpersonal Art Therapist. Whether she is designing a program or facilitating a workshop, her focus is on finding the embodied pathways through the complexity that frequently lies behind whatever is negatively impacting the individual or organisational wellbeing.