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Lead Art Therapist, Family Art Therapist, Yoga Therapist 
Bsc (Hons) Arch, BFA (Hons) Social Practice,
MA World Heritage, MA Art Therapy

With a passion for the creative arts and helping others, Su Mei started life in the world of architecture which led to her co-founding a charity which brought third world countries building and design services. She realised that she enjoyed the time where she shared her passion of ART with the children. This led to a pursuit of a Masters in Art Therapy at La Trobe University, Melbourne and completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts Honours of Social Practice and Community Engagement at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne University and currently deferred pursuing a Master in Clinical Family Therapy at the Bouverie Centre to focus on Art Tearapy. She has previously worked as a MST Psychiatric Family Therapist at MacKillop Family Services. She plans to use the knowledge of systemic work from Family Therapy to feed into her practice in Art Therapy to further benefit the clients she supports. She has had experience as an Art Therapist in the clinical setting at Northpark Private Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She journeys with people who experience various forms of mental illness, intellectual, physical and various abilities.  She is also a trained Yoga Alliance instructor who did her RYT 500 training at Brahmani Yoga, India and Yoga Therapy Training with the I AM Yoga, Amrit Yoga Institute. Currently she has a daily Vijnana Yoga practice. She has shared her love of yoga in many countries around the world. Her goal is to use the power of creativity to empower those in need to find tools to help themselves.



Art Therapist and Lifestyle Facilitator

Eric is a queer identifying artist-art therapist based in Melbourne. Originally born in Canton (Guangdong) China and graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore with a MA in art therapy. His art practice is informed by his Eastern background and cross-cultural experiences. Eric's art therapy practice has spanned multiple age groups, from children, adolescents and young adults to elders. His work is grounded in Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Narrative therapy and Psychodynamic psychotherapy, as implemented through collective crafting. One of his artistic approaches is to engage people with folding origami; This Eastern art form can enhance the ability to be aware of what is happening in the moment, deal with trauma, practice mindfulness and promote sensorimotor skills or frustration tolerance. He believes the creative art making process empowers and assists people in reaching their goals. He sees art psychotherapy as a collaborative process between the client(s) and the therapist, in which he draws on many different approaches to find the best way to understand and empathise with the client's experience.



Art Therapist, Visual Artist, Disability Support Professional

Chanudi is an artist and mental health professional who uses art therapy and psychosocial support to promote positive change in individuals and communities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in design, a master’s in art therapy and further qualifications related to community services. Chanudi has extensive experience working with diverse cross-cultural populations, including underprivileged minorities and marginalized groups, using a person-centred and strengths-based approach. Her expertise spans in art therapy, counselling, case management, forensic rehabilitation, and trauma, among others. Chanudi has presented and conducted sessions in experiential art and art therapy in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Myanmar, collaborating with governmental and non-profit organizations. She also has experience working within the disability sector in Melbourne.

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