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Anonymous Client

The Renewal Art Retreat was absolutely fantastic. I came away with new knowledge about myself, refreshed after a beautiful relaxing slow paced weekend and met some really lovely people. Su Mei’s art therapy and yoga facilitation skills for group work really shined and Kates cooking skills topped off an amazing weekend. I highly recommend anyone interested in doing art and yoga therapy in a group in a beautiful setting with lovely people come and see what beautiful gifts Su Mei has to offer in her groups.



During Yoga Therapy with Su Mei, I was able to experience, observe, and nourish physical sensations that showed up in any particular moment, in a non-invasive manner. I first came to her with tension in physical and emotional parts of myself, alienating me from my own body and limiting my enjoyment of life. 

Each session enabled me to respect the nature of my body’s distinct process while uncovering things beyond my own conscious understanding and connecting with them. Su Mei led me through combinations of different sequences targeting all 7 chakras in the body, and verbally discussed ‘blocked’ sensations that I felt. Some of the stretches released these energy blocks and I naturally progressed into deep meditative states. In my last session, I drifted very easily into Savasana (Corpse Pose) for no less than half an hour, and I formed a deep appreciation for the art of relaxation being in this state. It was blissful and rich in feelings of interconnectedness. Entering this state without any struggle made me realise that I need to practice more physical relaxation, and that I am capable of enjoying life much more than I thought. 

These valuable sessions under Su Mei’s guidance, served as a reminder that being connected to myself in an embodied way is crucial to my resilience as a person in my own healing.

Lina Mbirkou
Mindful Cooking

I’ve facilitated workshops for a lot of clients, but I never had as much of a satisfying experience as with Su Mei’s “Food 4 Mood”: Not only is she an extraordinarily good listener who always does her best to meet everyone’s needs, but her attention to details is absolutely phenomenal: no stone was left unturned prior to the workshop delivery. Su Mei did a fabulous job at asking all the questions and considering all eventualities, which I have the upmost respect for and guaranteed we had a spectacular event! I could also clearly see her deep care for her clients and her dedication to giving them the best experience possible, which made achieving those high standards even sweeter... Thank you Su Mei for creating such a beautiful environment for everyone to flourish and thrive! Thanks for all your creative ideas that added so much to the event! It was a deep pleasure to work with you and I can’t wait for another opportunity to co-create! 


Anonymous Client

I really enjoy the different art experiences given. I even get to choose which ones I would like to participate in. At first for me socialising with others was difficult, however I remind myself that we all need self care and self awareness. It is great to know that others feel the same as myself.

Anonymous Client

 The best part of each session is learning that little previously unknown or rejected or blocked part of yourself that adds more acceptance and love and understanding of each sip of freshly brewed tea to a moment of peace and tranquility!
Thank you!



I had four yoga therapy sessions with Su Mei, each building on the last. Across the sessions, Su Mei's empathetic assistance allowed me to identify tensions and imbalances in my body, to stretch without pain and to rest very strategically. After the sessions, I feel mindful of and compassion for my body. Su Mei has a great understanding of the relationship between body and mind and is able to gently reorient this relationship in a way that I have found very therapeutic. I very much recommend her as a yoga therapist. Thanks Su Mei!

Anonymous Client

Art Therapy has been a great way for me to understand and express my emotions without words. Sometimes you just don't have words to explain how you feel.By being creative, it has helped me connect with my inner self. Su Mei is one of the kindest therapist I have ever met. She has helped me accept myself and for that I will forever be grateful. <3

Anonymous Client

In the beginning, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from an art therapy session, but I know I am in a much better place after it.
Su Mei helps bring to the surface things that perhaps you have realised, but had no idea how to or that you even needed to confront. She does so in such a non-invasive manner that you don’t even realise it. 
For those like me who have been skeptical about therapy, or don’t feel comfortable opening up via conventional means of therapy.. this is definitely the way to go, and Art Tearapy is where it’s at.


I experienced a full Yoga Therapy session with Su Mei. I felt fully supported during the session and the session allowed me to unwind, release tension and centre myself. There was a combination of physical and mental therapy which was effective. I left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and lighter. Thanks Su Mei. I highly recommend this to anyone experiencing blockages, pain or tension.

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